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Brighton sells a number of unique, well designed and high quality accessories. Individuals can purchase handbags, bracelets, necklaces, rings and the like from the company. Brighton is really an all-stop shop for all things, accessories. Individuals looking to complete an outfit would be wise to head on over to Brighton. The company’s jewelry department is especially noteworthy. They sell really cool looking jewelry that won’t break the bank. Individuals can purchase cool pieces that almost no one else will have.

Brighton jewelry sells items that are affordable, fun, youthful and very attractive. They offer lots of unique pieces which allow individuals to infuse a bit of their own style into whatever they are wearing. Accessories can drastically alter the look of an outfit. There are few better places to buy cool-looking accessories than at Brighton Jewelry. Below, we have listed a few of the most popular pieces currently being sold at

a.Brighton Badge Clip: The badge clip is a really cool looking accessory. It is 34 inches long, has beautiful heart etchings and a lobster clasp. The chain is crafted from silvertone. It retails for $30.

b.Mingle Necklace: The Mingle Necklace is really cool looking. It is 16 inches long, adjustable and includes etched details. The pendant is tear-shaped and the necklace features a lobster claw closure. This is one of the most popular pieces at Brighton. It retails for $36.

c.Fall In Love: This gorgeous necklace includes a number of cascading hearts. It is very similar in design to a Brighton watch that can also be purchased at the site. The chain is 16 inches, has a quadruple heart pendant and is accented with Swarovski crystals. It retails for $52.

d. Europa: The Europa is a part of the ‘Fall in Love’ collection. It is a very stylishly designed necklace that includes several beautiful crystals. The crystals look real but fortunately, aren’t as expensive as real stones would be. The chain is 38 inches, adjustable and features sculpted scroll disks and a lobster claw closure. This chain is a bit more costly then the ones listed above. It retails for $92.

e. Remember Your Heart: This bracelet is unique and incredibly stylish. It features an adjustable 16 inch chain with several brushed gold pedant tiles. It is accented with Swarovski crystals. The phrase, “When you wear this, remember me,” is inscribed on the back of the pedant. The Remember Your Heart bracelet can be purchased for $43.

f. Blooming Heart: The Blooming Heart is both a pendant and a necklace. It is accented with a row of gorgeous hearts. The necklace’s chain is 16 inches and the flower shaped pendant is 1.25 inches in diameter. It includes Swarvoski crystals and features a lobster claw closure. Moderately priced, it only costs $46.

If you are looking for fun, uniquely-designed jewelry, consider heading over to Brighton. They sell cool looking items that are unique, well-designed and made from quality materials. The items not only look good but they are priced affordably. Individuals can accessorize without busting their budget.

Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 11:33 pm
Brighton Jewelry
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